2016 Enga Show Promotes Culture and Strengthens Links


(Source:National News Paper)

The 2016 Enga Show has brought together people from all five districts in Enga.

This year’s show is different in that it seeks to promote and strengthen links between Enga and Hela provinces.

The event attended by tourists and sponsors has prompted the Enga Provincial Government to consider building a new showground.

What appeared to be a slow sluggish morning disguised the hidden energy displayed when the many clans converged on the soccer field in the centre of town.

The singsing groups came from as far away as Porgera and the Kompiam Valley.

The festival displayed the unity Engans feel amongst themselves, despite the negativity of tribal fighting.

Furthermore, Enga is moving a step further from promoting the culture during the show, to integrating cultural education into the formal education system.

The festivities will end tomorrow, with hopes of making the show even bigger in the future.

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