2016 show Activities

Below are the list of activities that will be performed and displayed in this years’ (2016) show


This year 2016, there are twelve participants who  will take part in various ritual displays. Most of the activities display are related to fertility and healing and following are some known in Engan vernacular:

  1. Gote Mauwa Yaowenge  [Religious rituals offering to appease sky deities]
  2. Akali Malu pepe miingi  [ Rituals for consulting dead]
  3. Wape Kana Tapeng [Hot stone handing rituals]
  4. Kopetali Mandyo Nepenge  [ secretion rituals for lepers]
  5. Onno Nuu   [ritual for appeasing and placating ghosts]
  6. Yalya Yuu [rituals for food fertility and productivity]
  7. Sangai Lenge pingi   [Cleansing rituals for young men – initiation]
  8. Nemani Aete [Rituals for nature and environment food]
  9. Enda Lakungi  [Courtship rituals with spells and chants.]
  10. Poteyalin Aete  [Rituals for hunting ,pig raising and nature]
  11. Yainanda Yaowenge [Rituals for healing sick/dead and exorcism]
  12. Inginya Petenge  [Chant & spell rituals of removing illness/death]

From the list of participants, four (4) groups demonstrated on pig slaughtering for mumu, whilst the entire groups took part in various ritual activities.

  1. Gote Mauwa Yaowenge
  2. Onnu Nuu Mandenge
  • Yainanda Yaownege
  1. Yalya Yuu


Arts & Crafts

This year, there are  eight  groups who will take part in various events and among them were five men and three women participants.

  1. Apin Buingi  [ Constructing Traditional Stone axe]
  2. Nuu Mandi Pingi [Traditional Bag making]
  3. Ange Tuli walyingi  [Traditional canvass and Umbrella constructing]
  4. Poto Kende,Wau Kembu [Traditional Arm bend making]
  5. Kipu mining [Traditional Fire igniting]
  6. Balu Kangala Pnigi [Traditional Wig design from natural hair]
  7. Kuru walyingi  [Traditional grass skirts making]
  8. Yanda Tuku wasingi  [Bow & arrow shaping]
  9. Ai Yanda Pingi [Feather fashion with Cassowary]


  1. Traditional Salt making
  2. Traditional Fence construction
  3. Traditional Bridge construction
  4. Traditional Eel Fishing Trapping


There will be ten groups approved by the committee to take part under this program and so the space to take part was fully booked with participants for display. From the participants there are orchids for display, traditional medicines, animal domestication, plant species, etc.