Adrian Keefe

I have had the pleasure of wandering among the Enga during the Cultural Show since 1978. The generations come and go but that inimitable spirit of Enga shines as brightly these days as it did back then. It is heartening to know that Engan culture is valued, respected and loved as the knowledge is passed along.

Enga has an unmistakable sound to the singsing. It is different from that of Hagen or Goroka and very different from coastal sounds. To hear the Engan singsing is to know the past. It brings a lump to the throat. It waters the eyes. It brings us together like no other human characteristic. I see rhythm in the Engan culture, a living vibration that signals energy, symphony and an eternal ambience. Engans know what I’m talking about. You meet an Engans somewhere else on the earth and immediately he or she is your wantok.

There is spontaneous love. This does not happen with other cultures.

At least not in my experience. Only Enga engenders this form of abstract and real emotion and affection. And you can get it all at the Enga Cultural Show. Nowhere else!.

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