The Enga Cultural Show Committee (ECSC) has embarked to undertake various new initiatives involving the six districts of Enga to exhibit their art and craft making talents during the show.

The group of participants each are organized to undertake art and craft making in such activities as;

  1. Api Buingi
  2. Nuu Mandi Pingi
  3. Anga Tuli Walyingi
  4. Poto Kende,Wau Kembu
  5. Kipu Miningi
  6. Balu Kangala Pingi
  7. Kuru Walyingi
  8. Yanda Tuku Wasingi
  9. Ai Yana Pingi

The ECSC also organize commercial stall to assist the local artists and craft makers to sell some of their arts and crafts during the three day show.

Additional to the above,there are specific displays of unique Enga Arts and Crafts display depicting the following traditional Enga Activities;

  • Traditional Salt Making
  • Traditional Gardening Process
  • Traditional Fencing
  • Traditional Bridge Construction
  • Traditional Eel Fish Trapping
  • Traditional Oil Making

To add some additional variety to the show,the following activities are also scheduled under the arts and crafts display;

  1. Wood Chopping Competition – utilization Stone Axe
  2. Traditional Music Competition – utilization Traditional Instruments
  3. Tug of War

To improve understanding of the arts their history and process we produce information pamphlets and provide interpreters and volunteers who will assist to explain to show goers the various arts and crafts that are display at the show