Display of traditional herbal plant
Traditional plant for curring diseases

This event section of the show is concerned with the showcasing of the provinces rich and diverse flora and fauna resources for the show goers to observe and purchase.
Enga province is an untapped tourism destination that is home to some of the unique natural landscape, animal and plant species like the orchid that are not found in other parts of the provinces in Papua New Guinea.
In prehistory, animal and plant abstracts have been used as traditional medicine to diagnose illness and it still used today in contemporary Enga. These traditional medicines can be useful to cure illness and needs scientific testing to prove its use.

Exhibitions in this even programmes have involved special nursery programmes for traditionally essential plants and trees with special uses and the exhibition of exotic plant and animal species that are unique to Enga including the provincial Miok Bird,the majestic kambi Eagle and Mystic Kompiam Constrictor Snake to name a few.

Many groups take part under this for display. From the participants there were orchids for display, traditional medicines, animal domestication, plant species, and many more.