Enga Cultural shows were organized on an ad-hoc basis since 1982 but since 1994 it has been regularly organized by the Enga Cultural Show Society after its establishment by the Enga Provincial Government as the legal entity responsible for the organization of the Enga Cultural Show and its management.

The Enga Cultural Show has become recognized and institutionalized as one of the major cultural events in Papua New Guinea and as such marketed internationally and locally as a cultural show which is held annually during the second weekend of August over a three days period starting on Friday  concluding on the Sunday.

Over the years, the show has been staged annually with the support of the Enga Provincial Government,and other generous Corporate Sponsors who have contributed in cash and kind in ensuring the successful staging of the show.

Traditionally,the Enga Cultural Show has been organized and subdivided into the following six major event sections of:

  1. Traditional Dance  
  2. Traditional Rituals
  3. Arts & Crafts  
  4. Eco-Tourism
  5. Enga Made Product
  6. Music and Amphitheater