Enga Cultural Show is managed by a group of dedicated Committee members who are from the Enga Provincial Administration and respected community members in the province. Enga Cultural Show with a good check and balance system in place and funds allocated to various programmed activities are well managed.

It is an honor to express gratitude on each Sub-Committee members for their tireless exertion and instant toward organizing  Annual Enga Cultural Show although untimely alteration of the show date and other astonishing development which had really put the committee under trepidation before the authentic show event.

Such apprehension is a challenge were all Sub-Committee members proved commendable in their capacity to perform with excellent. The effort and contributions are a milestone achievement as witnessed through a capacity crowd, turn-up of foreign tourist which was not so bad and a trouble free event.

A sound management practice yield good results and it is anticipated the same trend maintained and continued in the years to come.

Margaret Potane
Andy Utuwai
Deputy Chairperson
SUB COMMITTEE: Rituals & Eco - Tourism
Dick Vep
David Laik
Sub - Committee: Singsing
Stanely Peasaro
Sub - Committee: Arts & Crafts
Timothy Lawton
Sub - Committee: Enga Made Product
Ben Sareth
Sub - Committee: Music
Mathias Minawake
Sub - Committee: Food & Accommodation
Stg.Robin Agopa
Sub - Committee: Security/Police
David Yambu
Sub - Committee: Transport
Alome Kyakas
Sub - Committee: Administration/Registration
Tom Lindapi
COORDINATOR:School Children Activities
Sakarias Pakembo