In this event category,the ECSS has sought to increase and diversify the range of cultural rituals that will be displayed over the three day show.

Also in our endeavor to improve understanding of these rituals and communicating with the showgoers,we  produce information pamphlets and provide interpreters and volunteers who will assisted to explain to showgoers the various rituals that were displayed at the show.

In the 2016 Cultural show will showcase twelve ritual groups comprising of two rituals groups each of the six districts of Enga.These twelve groups will perform the following twelve rituals during the 2016 Enga Cultural Show;

1.  Gote Mauwa Yaowenge  [ Religious Ritual offering to appease Sky deities]
2.  Akali Malu Pepe Miningi [ Rituals for consulting the dead]
3.  Wape Kana Tapenge    [Hot stone handling Ritual]
4.  Kopetali Mandyo Nepenge [ Segregation ritual of lepers]
5.  Onno Nuu Mandenge  [ Rituals for appeasing and placating ghosts]
6.  Yalya Yuu  [Ritual for food fertility and productivity]
7.  Shangai Lenge Pingi  [Cleansing Ritual for young men – Initiation]
8.  Nemani Aete  [ Ritual for Natural and environment, food]
9.  Enda Lakungi  [Courtship Ritual with spells and chants]
10.  Poteyalin Aete  [Rituals for hunting,pigs raising and nature]
11.  Yainanda Yaowenge  [Rituals for healing sick.dead and exorcism]
12.  Inginya Petenge  [ Chant and spell ritual of removing illness/dead]