Religious ritual offering to appease Sky deities [Got Mauwa Yowenge]
Rituals for healing sick/dead & exorcism
Chat & spell ritual of removing illeness/dead
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Ritual is an event of its own displayed during the three days show event. Under this event there are various unique traditional activities that showcase the ways of life of the people of Enga.This event is the main activity of the show programmed to showcasing of very unique traditional rituals activities of the  Enga people’s relating to diverse activities  such as initiation ceremonies, deity worship of their goddess and ceremonies,leadership initiation,traditional spell casting ceremonies for fertility and healing,spirit exorcisms and many scared traditional ceremonies of the Enga people. Most of the elements of culture are based on myths and legends about the people’s origin.

Leadership, inheritance initiation, ceremonies and other rituals are usually based on traditions passed on from generation to generation. These aspects of a culture do not normally change very quickly despite changing circumstances in contemporary Enga.

In contrary, we are social being and a not exceptional to changing circumstances but apart of modern western influence is fast driving people nuts socially and most of our traditional ways of life are fast forgotten. Rituals practiced in the province were essential concepts that shaped men and women to be good moral people were respect was instilled within the society.

This event  attracts more participants to take part in various ritual displays annually from all over Enga Province  which are spread over three days show with exhibits of rituals activities  being displayed and performed during the show.
Following are some known in Engan vernacular:

1.  Gote Mauwa Yaowenge [ Religious Ritual offering to appease Sky deities]
2.  Akali Malu Pepe Miningi [ Rituals for consulting the dead]
3.  Wape Kana Tapenge [Hot stone handling Ritual]
4.  Kopetali Mandyo Nepenge [Segregation ritual of lepers]
5.  Onno Nuu Mandenge   [Rituals for appeasing and placating ghosts]
6.  Yalya Yuu  [Ritual for food fertility and productivity]
7.  Shangai Lenge Pingi [Cleansing Ritual for young men – Initiation]
8.  Nemani Aete [Ritual for Natural and environment, food]
9.  Enda Lakungi  [Courtship Ritual with spells and chants]
10.  Poteyalin Aete [Rituals for hunting,pigs raising and nature]
11.  Yainanda Yaowenge [Rituals for healing sick.dead and exorcism]
12.  Inginya Petenge [Chant and spell ritual of removing illness/dead]

Explanation of the above rituals together with a onside narrative of the rituals are provided by volunteers at the exhibition site for education purposes and for visitors.