Enga Cultural Show usually comes alive annually.The unique and colorful display is organized all throughout the year and more and more tourists and show-goes comes each year. Each year we usually expect more tourists and it would be you for an unforgettable experience that you are sure to cherish in your lifetime.

Since stagging of the Enga Cultural Show, we have engaged Enga Provincial Police Force to provide  security for the local and international tourist whom are visiting the colorful Enga Show and enjoying a life-time experience.We provide security throughout the province to ensure the people coming to take-part in the show or the show-goes enjoy the three days event peacefully.

We have a good track record of NIL major or minor incident occurred within the three days events.People usually enjoy to the fullest during the this period.

Enga Cultural Show is  growing from strength to strength and always successful and more tourist have shown their interest in watching the unique cultural show and also complement our hospitality during the three days event.

You don’t pay us until the last day of your stay in Enga,as this is a measure to guarantee your safety with us. If you face any security problems while with us , you will NOT pay us – that’s our guarantee for our service.