Enga Taikanda Cultural Centre

Theres no better guide to getting to know Enga than to start at the Provincial Capital Tourism Office and arrange for a visit to the Enga Taekanda Cultural Centre. It is the ‘gospel’ on Engan culture and traditions and features decades of work put together by Dr Polly Weisener; an art gallery that holds early photographs taken in the 1960s by Don Jeffers and early missionaries, books, paintings and artefacts, wigs, war shields and much more. Housed in a modern facility it is in essence – the length and breadth of Engan origins housed in one location.

enga-take-anda            staff-at-take-anda

Enga Taekanda                                                                                                                         Taekanda Staff

Lakes and Lodges

But for the adventures, mountain lakes, fish, birds, trekking and breathtakingly wild scenery you can visit Lake Surunki, or Lake Rau – an isolated crate lake about 3000 metres high in the middle of Enga; Go bird of paradise watching at the Kumul Lodge, or head down to the Laiagam Botanical Gardens and be sure to see the Laiagam Salt Ponds there – it’s only an hour out from Wabag town towards Porgera – host to one of the world’s largest gold mines operated by Barrick Gold.
Of course you can always arrange to visit Enga during the annual Enga Cultural Show to glimpse the traditional finery and scented oils and paintings of the dancers summed up during one event. Or drown out everything else by taking a 15 minute hike to the Yuo Waterfall from the main town of Wabag and feel the shock of water pounding the rocks before you.


lake-lau surinki-lake


Birding Sites

Kumul Lodge Grounds 



Smokey Honeyeater