Pyala Ewa Group - Remotest part of Enga Province
Dancing in traditional costumes
Famous Sili - Muli
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Traditional Dance/Singsing is part of the Engan cultural tradition and it is performed on special ceremonial occasions throughout the province. Though the Engan people speak only one vernacular language the traditional dance and attire varies from district to district. There two most famous ceremonial dances often staged occasionally in a year; known as “Mali and Shangai”. Mali is famous and most often staged two or three times in a year and one would find both male and female dressed in traditional attires and it is most often called the social dance. The other, Shangai is performed after the traditional manhood initiation. These two dances vary in its dancing attires.

This event goes smoothly without any congestion. This event attracts more dance participants to take part in the three days event. More Engan group take come take part in the three days event.”This is the event that one must not missed out!”