Welcome To Enga Cultural Show

Enga Cultural Show is one of  Papua New Guinea’s spectacular and celebrated National Event staged annually.This renowned event is hosted in Enga, a province known to be the last frontier of modern civilization and its traditional culture is still intact.This Show has been rated pure traditional in culture by professional viewers locally and internationally unlike other similar National events hosted annually in the country.

The purpose of this Show Event is to encourage young and old people in the province to continue preserve and uphold their rich and diverse traditional culture. Apparently it is sadden to comprehend that fifty percent of the country’s traditional culture is disappearing at a rapid phase due to modern western influence in the society. Likewise, Enga Cultural Show Society strongly embarks on a mission to reverse the trend in the province and this year marks 22 years of show to promote this invaluable course.

Wabag the host town of the show is surrounded with a splendid natural environment that is breathtaking with exotic sites all at a step. All in all, there are a number of activities that are displayed and demonstrated during the three days show in full traditional style and that one would not find elsewhere in the country.

The rating “A” of the show derived its status not by accident but because of a dedicated Organizing Committee Members who have the ambition to continue the drive to maintain the image of the Enga Cultural Show each year.

Talking will only linger your enthusiasm however it’s worth seeing for yourself to embrace the unique culture with the complement of the untouched natural environment.